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Welcome to our website.

Fast Commercial Funding's primary commitment is to process and close our customer's business commercial loans FAST. Some say we close our loans with hypersonic speed, (1-2 weeks). We can close faster for emergencies.

Our Hedge Fund has over $200,000,000. to lend. We can fund your project funding needs

From $1mm - $20mm.

We also have the most affordable closing cost due to the fact most of our lending is based on low-doc and no-doc requirements. Therefore the borrower is not paying for the multitude of Bank required documents. The borrower will have a much lower closing cost. We will match and or beat any Banks written loan closing cost estimate.

We are standing by to help you with your commercial funding needs. Call NOW 407-223-2417


365 Days Worked

100+Happy Clients

150 Clients Added

50+ Awards won